BUNT. is a duo from Germany developing a sound called “electronic folk music,” a more melodic leaning variation of dance music that features anthemic folk vocals supported by nontraditional americana, jazz, and bluegrass inspired live instrumentation.

Nico & Levi: “We want to make combination of genres. We like the organic parts of Folk and Country, even “mistakes” made by playing for example a banjo live, it has soul and original feeling. But we also love the energy which electronic music makes through the tempo, powerful synthesizers, strong kick drums. Our new single “Old Guitar” is a good example of this: in the beginning we have live recorded banjo solo - a solo like that you can’t program with computer. In the main part we have powerful synthesized trumpets to really wake up the listeners. Folk music, country music, electronic music, it is all about experiencing music together, dancing together, singing together: we hope our music is music to listen in so many different situations – with friends around a camp fire, background music during dinner, party at a big dance club, anywhere!”