Antonio Serrano



Antonio Serrano was born in Madrid in 1974. His father started teaching him the harmonica by the age of 7. Later he went on to study with the great Larry Adler with whom he performed as a duo in Paris by the age of 13.

Antonio soon developed an amazing technique on the chromatic harmonica that has allowed him to play in many different contexts, dominating all styles of music, from classical music to jazz, blues, tango and flamenco.

While Antonio in the beginning mostly played classic music, as a young adult he spent more time performing with blues, jazz and pop artists.

By performing with Paco de Lucía, the greatest flamenco guitarist of Spain, Antonio became famous for introducing the harmonica in flamenco music, an almost impenetrable genre for musicians outside the flamenco culture. During his career, Antonio has played with many well-known artists and symphonic orchestras from all over the world and recorded many records with the most Spanish rock and pop artists in addition to 7 own records.

Antonio’s first choice for harmonicas is the Hohner Super Chromonica.


Please keep making the best harmonicas in the world!